Webcast Mode with Jitsi

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build an webcast system based on Jitsi.
To explain, I’m trying this : 1-2 people casting from Jitsi Web Interface and many people on custom webpage with only one “player”. (twitch like :smiley:)
I tryied to use Jitsi External API by removing all features on custom webpage but I still have many issues :

  • High client CPU usage from 200 users (tiles are hidden but still exist)
  • Browser still asking for mic and webcam permission

This is the JS code i’m using to make the “player” page (jitsi server side, end of interface_config.js) :

if (window.location.hash && window.location.hash.indexOf("jitsi_meet_external_api_id") > -1) {
    if (typeof interfaceConfig !== 'undefined') {
        interfaceConfig.TOOLBAR_BUTTONS = ['chat'];
        interfaceConfig.TOOLBAR_ALWAYS_VISIBLE = false;
        interfaceConfig.filmStripOnly = false;
    if (typeof config !== 'undefined') {
        config.filmStripOnly = true;
        config.startWithAudioMuted = true;
        config.startWithVideoMuted = true;
        config.disableRemoteMute = true;
        config.prejoinPageEnabled = false;
        config.enableWelcomePage = false;
    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {
        // remove .filmStrip
        var filmStripElement = document.getElementsByClassName("filmstrip");
        filmStripElement && filmStripElement[0].remove();

        // remove .large-video-labels
        var videoLabelElement = document.getElementsByClassName("large-video-labels");
        videoLabelElement && videoLabelElement[0].classList.remove();
        // remove .toolbox-icon
        var toolboxElement = document.getElementsByClassName("button-group-right")[0].getElementsByClassName("toolbox-icon");
        toolboxElement && toolboxElement[0].remove();
    }, false);

Now I’m looking to use liveStreaming feature. Do you know if we can use this feature on “custom” server instead of youtube ? Maybe rtmp server, but how to change URL ? How to “catch” the stream to use it in HTML5 <video> tag ?

Thx a lot for any help or ideas !

Yes, with the latest release, you can stream to pretty much any RTMP server, not just YouTube. Just click on" Livestreaming" paste your stream key in and you’re good to go!

Oh I didn’t notice that we can put rtmp url instead of YouTube token !! :smiley: Thank you !
I just tried with twitch successfully !

Now I have to build and RTMP server to deliver a stream to a player…
I suppose that Jibri have to be enable and available to start liveStreaming ?

Yes, Jibri is needed for livestreaming.

Easy way to install a live streaming media system