Webcam visible in fullscreen but not in tileview or thumbnail for external users

Since the last update external users do not see webcams (connecting over the internet) when they are in tile view or in the thumbnail but if they click on a user they will see the webcam in fullscreen mode. You will notice there is no first letter of name in tileview or thumbnail. J & B have no camera so they have a letter. The other two have cameras but the screen is black and no letter.

Tile view…

Thumbnail and non-tileview. You can see the camera is on in the background but the thumbnail for the speaker is black…


Not sure why but setting “disableSimulcast: true” fixed the issue.

Disabling simulcast is not advisable. I’d suggest poring through your configs more to find out exactly what’s causing this problem. My suspicion is that the culprit would be somewhere around the video/resolution constraints you specified in your config.js. Disabling simulcast means only one fixed resolution would be sent by all clients and if for some reason anyone of your clients is unable to handle that resolution, then they’re stuck. Try and find what’s causing your issue.