Webcam is laggy

Hey there.

For some reason, webcam is laggy in jitsi. Not all webcams, mind you, some work OK (but still kinda worse than in other conferencing systems, not as smooth)

I tested the same webcam in bigbluebutton and jitsi

Here are 2 very short video clips I made before leaving the office.

bigbluebutton’s webcam
jitsi’s webcam

it doesn’t GET laggy, it behaves like this from the moment it gets active. I tried changing its quality, it hasn’t helped.

What gives?


PS nginx+quick install, unstable branch, ubuntu 18.04, 4 vcores, 8GB ram, secure domain enabled,

Have you tested the same with

Hey damencho

Yeah I’ve tested it today. It’s the same. These webcams are in our office, so I needed some time before checking it out and replying, sorry