Webapp to show head and hands in a Jitsi call - jicofo errors

I’m working on a webapp using lib-jitsi-meet to show both head and hands of participants in a video call - here’s a brief video demo: https://mastodon.design/@Lightnin/104160024510406176

I’ve got a working install of jitsi meet running on ubuntu 18.04, and am trying to get the source code here running: https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/tree/master/doc/example

When I try joining the call from two different machines, I can only see the local video feed. Console says:
[modules/xmpp/moderator.js] <u._allocateConferenceFocusError>: Focus error, retry after 1024000

Jicofo 2020-05-15 09:49:50.558 WARNING: [73] org.jitsi.jicofo.xmpp.FocusComponent.processIQ() (serving component ‘Jitsi Meet Focus’) Unexpected exception while processing IQ stanza:
Caused by: org.jivesoftware.smackx.muc.MultiUserChatException$NotAMucServiceException: Can not join ‘conference@headandhands.au.dk’, because ‘headandhands.au.dk’ does not provide a MUC (XEP-45) service.

I’ve essentially copied my (working) jitsi-meet nginx conf and commented out the stuff that doesn’t seem necessary to the lib-jitsi-meet sample code - but apparently I broke jicofo somehow?

1000 thanks to everyone in the community working on jitsi. :slight_smile: