Web Socket error. Is a working domain name required for my public url? Why can't I run it locally?

The jicofo, prosody, web, and jvb pods have been deployed as part of my attempt to run Jitsi on a Kubernetes (Minikube) cluster, but because I haven’t set the public url environment variable, Jitsi is stuck in a rejoin loop and the browser console is showing a Websocket error. I need assistance deploying jitsi to Kubernetes because I’m a complete amateur.

PUBLIC_URL is required, yes.

I recommend you start with the Compose based setup. Once you get the grips of it you can go into more complex setups.

@saghul I’m trying to run in minikube cluster and following are the yaml files. Can you please suggest what changes needs to be done to successfully create a meeting.

yam.txt (4.9 KB)

Sorry, I have no experience with k8s setups.