Web cams for chess players

My name is Kirill,
I run an online chess portal, https://vvv.cash/

We are searching for an affordable, easy to use and implement solution, that would allow us to control, that a particular player is participating in a given online tournament, and that no one is making fake accounts, pretending to be someone weaker.

The solution might be a room (new for each tournament), that up to 100 users can enter and be demonstrating themselves with a web cam on and be demonstrating their screen with a chess board.
Users need to have their names similar to nicknames on our platform, they should be muted by default, and tournament judges can contact a player in case they have issues identifying a particular participant. (Users are having issues with discord, they computers seems to slower a lot, that doesn’t work for speed chess tournaments).
Is that something that someone here can help with?
Is such a solution easily doable with the API provided?
Does my team need to adjust Jitsi product heavily to fit our needs or some devs here can provide us with the off-the-shelf product?
We are expecting to have tens of thousands of players to be participating in our tournaments using web cams.
There will be also matches 1vs1 with a web cam required.
Please drop me a line, if that looks doable and we can negotiate pricing, email: silvestrovc@mail.ru

Kind regards,

By this do you mean one room?

I don’t think you’ll need to edit kits it’self just ask players to turn on their cams and use the “live stream to youtube” option to lI’ve stream to any service and then make 1 bit to share it’s screen and have another person turn on “everyone follows me” to shift the cam focus

Thanks for your message, Derek!

Can I please clarify, that there are certain tournament formats:

  1. Playing 1vs1 with a judge overseeing the match (chess duel)
  2. “Arena format” with up to 100 participants playing simultaneously
  3. Team format with up to 30 participants playing simultaneously in one team.

Each format requires the player to stream his face + the chess board.
Most players play via computers, but some might be playing via smartphones.
Each match has to be stored on a separate streaming server for future reviews.

Once a tournament is generated, it has to have a link to the video chat room, preferably a new room for each tournament.
We need functionality that would allow to ping a player even if he is muted, but tournament judges have something to tell the player.

Such a service has to be extremely efficient in terms of requirements to user hardware, we by no means can afford lags during the gameplay.

As for further development, our team is quite big but we don’t have vast experience with video chats. Can your team, or maybe a senior dev here by any chance help us in integrating your solution on our premises? If not, we can try to do that on our own.

Yes this is all possible sharing the desktop would be no issue but I belive screen sharing is only in beta on mobile. Also to add the camera can’t be on when sharing on mobile

This would need a good server. May i ask what youre using to play chess?

Hi i have sent you a PM