We need someone to install Jitsi Meet for us (you get paid)

Hi there,

I hope this is the right subforum. In our company, we want to switch to Jitsi. We have a server and a subdomain to install to, now we need someone to configure the server and install the Jitsi instance. We need:

  • server configuration
  • installation of Jitsi
  • adding all the features that meet.jit.si comes with (app and slack integration optional)
  • whiteboard or document sharing would be nice. :slight_smile:

Can some of you help us here?

Hey there!

Would love to help you out. I currently run https://meet.teamcloud.work for companies and schools to use free of charge, so do have some experience.

Let me know!


Allright, seems a good fit since we offer these services to different organizations like schools as well.

Can you contact me via info [at] der - seminar [dot] de? There we can work out the details.

Everyone else: Please reply as well, nothing is fixed yet.

Thanks in advance.

Feel free to contact me on Upwork or by email @ daniel [at] ktechmidas.net

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Hello @ChrisAll,

I can help you out with setting up jitsi server. Please check your inbox

There is automatic installation of Jitsi to your own cloud environment using Jelastic package https://jelastic.com/blog/jitsi-video-conferencing/
It requires no technical skills as everything is pre-configured, also there is option to bind custom domain. And if you need assistance, the support of service provider will help.