We have some queries related with Data store management system in server side

  1. Can we used own server to save the video stream?
  2. is Jitsi fully independent?
  3. is the live streaming or recording data save into Jitsi server or not?

Yep, when you are self hosting jitsi-meet you handle jibri and storage.

What does that mean?

Depends on the deployment and how it is set up. For example on meet.jit.si it is temporarily stored during the meeting and after that is uploaded to Dropbox.

Thank you @damencho

I just want to know if we can use below features at free of cost or not ??
here are the main features Jitsi Meet offers:

  • Support for all current browsers
  • Mobile applications
  • Web and native SDKs for integration
  • HD audio and video
  • Content sharing
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Raise hand and reactions
  • Chat with private conversations
  • Polls
  • Virtual backgrounds

All features are free if you’re hosting your own server.

hi, how we can added features for Upload any documents and image in Jitsi meet?

There is no such feature planned. There are plenty of services that have this feature that deals with the complexity of data storage, file permissions, quotas, and GDPR. Our focus is video conferencing and we want to stay that way :slight_smile:
We are currently adding a new feature called generic Iframe, where you will be able to implement and add any other service via iframe in the meeting.

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