We cannot hear or see the others - but they seem to hear and see us

I have so many questions, but my knowledge about many things concerning computers is very limited. And my English may not be good enough for the technical details you talk about. I could not find my problems in the topics or I did not understand some of the answers.

Therefore I try to tell you what our problems are:

We have - since a few days - two different problems:

My husband is a teacher and used to teach his class from home through jitsi and everything was just perfect :kissing_heart: Thanks! But since this week, when school startet again after a short break, when he opens the jitsi meet given to him by his school, pupils can see and hear him, but he can’t see and hear them. It seems like they have turned their video and sound off, but they haven’t. And they could exchange chat messages.

on the left side you see HF muted and without video, but on his screen everything is activated.

We tried it with the windows laptop with google chrome and Microsoft Edge. It does not work. Then we tried it with the mobile Android phone - and there everything works. But he must show his screen and this won’t work through his mobile phone.

The second problem is: the screen sharing extension could not be installed and he can’t show his screen anymore.

And after we try to show the screen, the video can not be reactivated, even if I press the v or clic on the camera. The only thing that works is rejoining the meeting, but them we are not longer the moderator.

The most strange thing is: yesterday jisty worked perfectly on my laptop. But after an windows update in the afternoon it stopped working. Therefore I deleted everything the updates changed, by a system recovery to yesterday morning, but even after this recovery it still did not work. As if windows has changed things. Have you an idea what went wrong through this update?
These are the updates windows installed.

Could you please help me or give me a hint, where I can find some answers?

Thank you very much!!


Good morning,
The same problem here - Mac and mobile working perfectly - on Windows it stopped on some laptops. I can still see and hear the people on Windows PC, but for them I (and them) appear as muted and cam stopped. Browsers used were Firefox, Chrome and (new) Edge.
On the server side I restarted the lokally installed Jitsi server - no change.
I also suppose it could be a Windows Update issue. Had an issue last time when Windows updated a camera driver but could be solved by restoring the old one.
Unfortunately I can’t confirmed the newly installed Updates now as I am not able to check the affected PC from home office.

Best Regards

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Hi Roland,

thank you for your comment!

Meanwhile we found a temporary solution. We will not use the special school jitsi room but a new one on meet.jit.si - there everything works. We suppose - and the school tries to check - wether the windows update and the school jitsi rooms somehow are not compatible anymore.

I wish you good luck :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: and maybe a new room will work for you, too!

Best regards!

Hello @emg,

Is the school Jitsi in the school network behind a firewall?

Are the teachers and the students using a VPN connection or use the Jitsi server address directly?

Does it work on Windows when you connect to Internet through the mobile?

Hi emrah!

I can´t really answer the first two questions, but I will send them to the teacher, who is responsible at school.

  1. I suppose they have a firewall at school, but teachers and pupils are at home… and it worked before the holidays. The school just provides the rooms, so pupils and teachers can get in touch. :handshake:

  2. And I suppose they don´t all use a VPN connection at home.

  3. It does not work when I use my mobile as a hotspot. But it works on my (android) mobile though…

Thank you for your input :exclamation:

Best wishes

Very interesting situation

  • Your desktop client works on meet.jit.si but not on the school Jitsi… So, this is not a client side issue, the Windows desktop should be OK.

  • It is also not an issue with your home network since the mobile hotspot has the same result.

  • There may be an issue related with the school network or the school Jitsi but you said that it works for students and for the mobile app

  • If the school Jitsi has a customized UI for teacher, this may cause a problem

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Thank you for the idea. I will let them know. As soon, as I hear what the problem was in the end, I will post it here… or someone has solved it already and will let me know :slight_smile:

:four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: The problem ist solved! :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover:

It was caused by the school server. Updates have to be installed manually there and the last jitsi update was not yet installed. We are very happy they found and solved the problem!

Thanks for your help and have a good time!

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