Way to manually unmute participant by moderator

Is there any way to manually unmute participant by moderator?
Case : Conference is on as a moderator I mute everyone (good functionality provided by Jitsi) .
Now someone raised hand, now as moderator I wants to unmute that particular participant.

Is there any Api or something to unmute particular participant?


Ok thanks for replay…
But any possibility or any way that need to configure. So that I can achieve this.

There’s no configuration option for this. You’d need to develop it.

ok… any documentation or something from which I’ll take reference, for developing my own functionality.
I tried by this way, to get an participant id, and then mute it manually by APP.UI.setAudioMuted(this.getMyUserId(), muted); but it wont work for me.

You need to change your jicofo version to allow those.

How do we change this? nay documentation is their? If any it would be very helpful for me.

Read jicofo readme here is the line https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo/blob/4b47d135b5ca2c383b94eb672e2a4cd8964909b1/src/main/java/org/jitsi/jicofo/JitsiMeetConferenceImpl.java#L2318

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If you successfully done this so please let me know how you does its really helpful for me

Thank you

@damencho Hi, I want to develop this functionality as my audience is not tech savy and some times cannot even unmute themselves, I have self hosted and secure domain setup, is there a guide to set up eclipse for development and dev-testing?
Any help would be deeply appreciated :slight_smile:

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