Way to limit conference time?

Is there a way to limit room time? For example if you want to limit usage to 1 hour or less to prevent people from using a room for many hours on end?

When there is one person in the room jicofo terminates the session(after 20 seconds) and the lonley participant will just keep a bosh https conneciton and no media will be sent to the server.

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I have same question, about limiting active conference/room time. It’s required for administrative purposes, to prevent long unnecessary user videochats :slight_smile:

Is it possible for deployed jitsi-meet server?

I think so if you use external conferencing system, check out the Jicofo API


But this involves creation/deployment of some “external conference system”, which will be using jicofo API for conference creation.

Can it be done some simpler way, using jitsi-meet/jicofo deployment “out-of-the-box”?

Like room user number limitation, using mod_muc_max_occupants module, for example?

since this module is doing something different, you would have to try to create a new lua module based on this example. I have no idea if there is an API and if yes if it’s documented outside of the code. There is nothing about that in the /doc directory of jicofo.

@jascha have you been able to figure out how to limit the conference time?

@emrah how would you pass the conference_max_minutes value? As a JWT param similar how we can set a moderator?

conference_max_minutes comes from Prosody config. If you want to pass it using JWT, you should code something a mix of token affiliation and time restricted

@emrah the problem is that the only way to get access to the token is on muc-occupant-joined event and not muc-room-created. But then the code would run for every participant joined.

Can you check this

@emrah I have looked at the code, but unless muc-occupant-pre-join runs only once you will need to hack something together that only runs for the first participant… which I find a pretty bad solution


@emrah it does not seem to work with muc-occupant-pre-join… going to try muc-occupant-join