Watermark on meet.jitsi.org conferences and disable admin tools

Hello I have two questions,

When I embed a meet.jitsi.org video conference in my website I trying to disable watermark with this options but nothing changes on the UI:

const options = {
configOverwrite: { startAudioOnly: true },
interfaceConfigOverwrite: {

Another question: there are any way to disable admin tools from the ui?

modify /usr/share/jitsi-meet/inerface_config.js

I dont have a hosted instance Im using meet.jitsi.org

There is no way to hide the watermark and we kindly ask not to do so if you will be using our infrastructure.
You can override the TOOLBAR_BUTTONS and remove the buttons you want to hide.

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Is this regarding the watermark during a conference?

We don’t mind that the watermark is displayed, but for our project (videollama.me/en/) we would need to disable the link so that the older person does not click by mistake and does not know how to return. This would be possible?

I hosted jitsi on my own private server. Can I remove jitsi watermark then? Is it legal or not?

Yes you can - if on your own installation.

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where I need to put interface_config.js file? can’t get it working


But remember…