Warning on top right corner during meeting: what does it means?

Hi, after updating to the last Jitsi release, during some meetings in the top right corner a red circle with a white triangle inside and an exclamation mark inside the triangle appeared.

What does it means?

Going hover with the mouse does not show any tip.

The tip is fixed in latest versions, so the update will come. And it is:
This is the case where simple room names are used, which are easy to guess.


Thanks a lot Damian!

Will it be possible to disable such warnings? In certain contexts it would scare users for no reason.
Or maybe you can share a CSS selector so that it can be hidden via stylesheet?

The option to disable also had been added in latest updates https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/pull/6893


Hello Damian,

speaking of this option, has it already reached https://download.jitsi.org packages for debian? (I mean 2.0.4627-1 as it’s the latest package available in the stable channel)

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

It is still in unstable only