Wanted android developer to customize jitsi android application

Hello gentlemen, we need an android developer who can customize Jitsi android application.
The tasks are:

  1. Change color of application
  2. Change default server url
  3. Change links for Privacy, Terms, Feedback
  4. Change text
  5. Attach calendar

Pls Contact me via email quyetnc@covavi.vn.


I can help you with that. Drop me an email at tanvir1190@icloud.com

thank you for fast response! We’ve found developer)


sent you an email for customization of jitsi app please get back to me

thank you

we’ve found the developer, thank you for response

thank you for your response! We’ve found developer yet)

Hi Pavel,

We can help you with these tasks. We have already published a lot of apps with customizations using both default jitsi application and jitsi sdk. In case if you have not already found a developer you can reach us through support@telzee.io

Team Telzee

I can rebrand jitsy on your own server with own logo . i will also publish the app on playstore. with your own logo and icon. email me at shashank.singh345@gmail.com

I think I have the ability to do these things, as I am familiar with these sections. These days I am mainly working on load balancing, customizing, ready mobile devices end enable tokens, etc. Thank you very much.
email :- akalana.nipuna@gmail.com


We would be able to support you with Jitsi installations and support services. Please drop us a mail hello@meetrix.io

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.