Want to replace default Jitsi logo dynamically for different rooms

Hi All,
Can anyone please suggest me a way to replace default jitsi logo on the top left corner for different rooms on my own server?

I was trying to use DEFAULT_LOGO_URL in interfaceConfigOverwrite, but that seems not working!

In the Javascript source code of jitsi-meet there are protections to stop users grabbing the bandwidth of meet.jit.si to promote their own services (to the detriment of the Jitsi-meet project sponsor),
See the reply given on this subject here

To do what you want, you need to edit the Javascript served by your own site something best done using the lib-jitsi-meet api.

In short:

lib-jitsi-meet api: you can use it only against your own site and you can do any change you want to the interface

jitsi-meet api: you can use it against your own site and meet.jit.si, but there is limited capability to change the interface.

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When you install jitsi-meet, indeed the files are in /usr/share/jitsi-meet. But these aren’t really the source files and those cannot be easily changed. In order to change that page, you need to check out the project source code from GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet: Jitsi Meet - Secure, Simple and Scalable Video Conferences that you use as a standalone app or embed in your web application., make your change, run npm install && make as stated in the README and then make sure your web server uses your checkout folder instead of /usr/share/jitsi-meet.