Want To Hide invite button

I Want to hide a invite button .
it is possible at jitsi server
or self hosted
any one can help so regards…

@shafin12 Welcome to the community!

Yes. You can do this by removing invite from TOOLBAR_BUTTONS in the interface_config. Next, in the same file, set HIDE_INVITE_MORE_HEADER to true.

Finally, set disableInviteFunctions to true in the config file.

Learn how to do all this, and more, here:


Thanks @corby for your kind information

Hi, is it possible to hide the invite button only to guests?

I’m trying to modify the react/features/toolbox/components/web/Toolbox.js file but I don’t know exactly how to render the button only for authenticated users.

I guess something must have to be added in lines 1358-1364:

{ buttonsRight.indexOf('invite') !== -1
          && <ToolbarButton
                   accessibilityLabel =
                   { t('toolbar.accessibilityLabel.invite') }
                   icon = { IconInviteMore }
                   onClick = { this._onToolbarOpenInvite }
                    tooltip = { t('toolbar.invite') } /> }

If you are using iframe, make 2 different urls for joining, one for guest and one for moderator.
hence you can control their toolbars differently.
Or from single iframe url make a logic to apply different toolbar settings for them.