Want to develop jitsi video conferencing solution using c#

I have written below code as per documentation.

    var domain = "meet.jit.si";
    var options = {
        roomName: "JitsiMeetAPIExample",
        width: 800,
        height: 400,
        parentNode: undefined,
        interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
            filmStripOnly: true
        userInfo: {
            email: 'email@jitsiexamplemail.com',
            displayName: 'Mayur W'
        configOverwrite: { startWithAudioMuted: false },
        interfaceConfigOverwrite: { filmStripOnly: false }
    var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

But when I run i came up with open video conferencing that anyone can connect. Please guide me with the basic step to develop POC module or document which i refer to proceed step by step development. I have git source code but confused how i start with integration.