Waiting for host after entering my username and password (secure domain)

Hi there,

I had Jitsi up and running very quickly on anonymous, however when i have followed the secure domain part of the readme, i cannot get past the login.

My domain is video,domain,co,uk
I have edited everything as per that file to match this with my anondomain as guest,video,domain,co,uk,

When i create a room it tells me it’s waiting for a host. Once i click i am a host and login with the test username i created : test@video.domain.co.uk , it loops back to saying waiting for host message again.

Any ideas what i am doing wrong? I have double checked everyhting!

Note, i installed this as the quick-install so everything was installed then.

when you do a prosodyctl register test video.domain.co.uk, you should login as test, don’t add the domain part.

Hi, thanks for the speedy reply. I have tried this and it still looks back to the waiting for host screen.

Within the console, all its doing is “waiting for focus”. Does this help at all?

if it does not display invalid name or password, it’s not normal and you have probably a mistake somewhere. Check every step twice (there are 4 of them, should be quick), maybe look at prosody.log and prosody.err under /var/log/prosody.

I am now getting a GET_SESSION_ID_ERROR when trying to log in with test@auth.video.domain.co.uk

I think this is progress?