Wait time for file transfer too short

Hello All,
I am using Jitsi Desktop Windows x64 2.10.5550 and when I send a file between 2 users, if the request is not accepted immediately or within a minute the transfer fails for example if the user is momentarily away from the PC when the file is sent.

The issue had been reported a few years ago in the following post but the answer wasn’t concluded.

My questions are:

  1. Was this issue resolved perhaps in an updated smack library? I would like to test using the latest windows nightly but all the links seem to be dead. Please assist where I can find this
  2. Is there any other way to increase this timeout?
  3. Does Jitsi desktop nowadays support Jingle, socks bytestreams or any method other than IBB inbband to send files coz currently the file transfer between users is very slow (20-30kbps) even within the same LAN yet the XMPP server has no bandwidth limiter but i cannot find a way to speed it up.

Thanks in advance…