Voting system for Jitsi?

Hello community,
I have done many Jitsi installations/ branding customizations/ Jibri configurations for customers and they are all very happy with it. Now I get more and more requests if there is a voting system integrated in Jitsi or plans for it.It should only be a rudimentary tool with which you can answer maybe 10 questions (yes or no), which have been formulated before by the moderator.

There are many free and commercial tools for this, but they are not integrated in Jitsi. They are separate. My customers don’t like that so much because on Jitsi they feel comfortable because there is no logging and so on… In Germany, the DSGVO (European law) says hello and so I have to find a way to integrate a tool.

Question to the community:

  1. Does anyone have similar issues ?
  2. Does anyone have experience with integrating a free or commercial tool into Jitsi ?
  3. Are there any plans (roadmap) to do so ?

The Jitsi sources are open, but I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If this is a completely new topic, I’ll go ahead and program it myself; over the coming weekends…


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Does not answer the questions you explicitly enumerated, but with regards to polling/voting feature I believe there is work in progress for it: