[VOTE] Tudor-Dan Pop

I would like to call a vote for granting Tudor commit access to the GitHub repositories of the Jitsi community.

Tudor is currently employed by 8x8, Inc and has been contributing to Jitsi for a while now. Some of his more relevant work is the custom backgrounds and lots of small UI improvements to the client. Here is a list of all his contributions to Jitsi Meet so far: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/commits?author=tudor-phd

He’ll be making improvements all across the stack to Jitsi henceforth.

So therefore, according to the commit access procedure , I am calling this vote on granting Tudor commit access to our GitHub repositories.

Note: Votes from non-developers (non-binding votes) are encouraged since they show the general opinion of the Jitsi community.

+1 from me

+1 :+1:t5:




+1 :+1:

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Why are you spamming all the VOTING posts? If you have questions then create a thread in the community instead of spamming.

Really sorry for the inconveniences. But I just wanted to connect to Boris or Emil just to get some answer. But I don’t have direct message access. Though I have created a question but no one replied. I didn’t know that I will get such a cold welcome in Jitsi community. I don’t even know what to do now. If you can help, please let me know. I’m dropping the post link here too - How to achieve HD+ (5192kbps) - 1920x1080 - Video Bitrate: 5000 - Audio Bitrate: 192

So because no one has commented on a post that was made without any attempt to scour through the tons of topics addressing similar questions in the forum, you conclude you’re receiving a “cold welcome”? And to make it worse, you go around spamming unrelated posts. What do you think people are - your personal support personnel? Please stop with the entitled siliness and respect the community. If you have questions, create threads like everyone else. If people have answers, are not too busy and are in the mood to respond 101th time to questions that already have been answered in the forum, then they’ll get to you. Spamming posts won’t get you the result you desire. For your reference, here are some tips - [TIP] Fastest Way To Get Support In The Forum

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Oops, sorry, I was away! +1 of course!