[VOTE] Oana Ianc for committer

I would like to call a vote for granting Oana commit access to the GitHub repositories of the Jitsi community.

Oana is currently employed by 8x8, Inc and has been contributing to various Jitsi components for a while now. Her work on the autoscaler service and uploader tool have been committed and merged for some time.

She will help take ownership of the jibri service going forward.

So therefore, according to the commit access procedure , I am calling this vote on granting Oana commit access to our GitHub repositories.

Note: Votes from non-developers (non-binding votes) are encouraged since they show the general opinion of the Jitsi community.

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+1 from me



Well, any help on Jibri is an unequivocal β€œYES” from me! :smile: +1





+1, welcome aboard Oana!

+1! :smiley: