[VOTE] Mihaela Dumitru for commit access

I would like to call a vote for granting Mihaela commit access to the GitHub repositories of the Jitsi community.

She was recently hired by 8x8 Inc. and she very quickly went up to speed and straight to business with adding value to the jitsi-meet open source project.
Here is a list of her contribution to the jitsi-meet project:

But her biggest accomplishment to date must be the brand new jitsi-meet-web-sdk, a collection of react components and support functionality for adding jitsi meet into integrator’s web apps., with using typescript:

The SDK is almost entirely her effort.

She proved to be a valuable addition to the 8x8 team and will sure bring many more nice improvements to the jitsi projects in the future.

So therefore, according to the commit access procedure, I am calling this vote on granting her commit access to our GitHub repositories.

Note: Votes from non-developers (non-binding votes) are encouraged since they show the general opinion of the Jitsi community.

+1 from me!


+1 :+1:t5:

Big +1!