Voice mail

Hello everyone
I want to add voicemail in my jitsi. Phone, users can leave voicemail messages up to X minutes long per person. You can then play, delete, and save messages that have been left by callers. Messages can be saved for X months globally or by person X months. Voicemails will automatically sync between desktop and mobile versions, so you can access voicemails however is most convenient.
Thanks for any helpful advice

just for clarification, you want to enhance the legacy application jitsi-desktop, right ? If yes, it’s something that barely anyone touch these days (from development point of view, that is, there are still users), so you will have trouble getting help and support. And if you want to add this to jisti-meet, good luck too, such a feature is out of scope.

Hello @gpatel-fr
I want to add voice mail in jitsi meet just like voice mail in microsft teams.

I don’t think this is something you can easily add to Jitsi Meet.

A voice mail system would need a stronger concept of user identity and contact lists, long term storage that is secure and associated to users, lots of new business logic around capturing, managing, and secure access to voice messages, etc… all of which have minimal intersection with what Jitsi Meet currently offers.

IMHO, what you’re suggesting is probably better implemented independent of Jitsi Meet, and integrated into a wider offering just as you would integrate Jitsi Meet into your product to provide real-time video conferencing.

I have embed jitsi server in my conference website. Means whenever i make call, it use jitsi as a server. All users who is in my room has directly landed into the meeting room. So i have a db of all users.

Well; good luck then. I’d say you could take inspiration of the existing projets. I don’t know much about Matrix, but they are known to have integrated JM.