Voice Assistant in Jitsi-Meet

Hey everyone,
I am trying to add a voice assistant to Jitsi-Meet. (etc. J.A.R.V.I.S). I already wrote a python script for it.
How to integrate that into the Jitsi UI?
Thank you for your help.
(I am running Jitsi on a Raspberry Pi with Ubuntu OS.)

What are the ways in which you can communicate with jarvis? Are you supposed to send it sound files? Maybe a “bot” can be created which joins the conference and waits for commands, but not sure how well that would work since you need to mute / unmute it so it’s not listening all the time…

Jigasi might be useful here since it already has a way to relay voice to an external application for processing.


@Ramaseshan did you continue to work on this? I am interested as I’m looking for a way to implement a voice assistant into a video-call application.