VM Load Measurement of Jitsi Meet

Hello! all. I measured Jitsi Meets’ load on a virtual machine.
Measurement conditions:
-0 to 8 participants, nine steps using 4 PCs, 3 Tablets, and a Phone(1).
-The default video quality.
-Memory of 16 Gbytes and 4 Cores for the VM.

Five minutes measurements for each step using the Netdata(1) variables;
-Used Memory (cgroup_qemu_vm_scope.mem_usage). This value includes cache on the memory.
-CPU Usage (100% = 1 core) (cgroup_qemu_vm_scope.cpu).
-Bandwidth (net.vnet_index).

For more detail of the measurement, please refer to the Goole Slides or the Video on the following site:

(1) Netdata is a product of Netdata Inc. https://www.netdata.cloud/