Visible Frame Issue in tiling: subtle privacy issue

There is a new way how jitsi tiles the videos in the browser – in order to optimise screen space, it displays only a central part of each video frame. This is useful. Whether the whole frame or only a part is displayed, depends on how the viewer sizes the browser window.

This means that a participant may see parts of my video that I do not see. If I assume that I can check whether there are things or persons visible behind me through looking at my own image in the tile. It may obscure something that others see.

This is a (subtle) privacy issue …

Interesting point.

Personally, this does not concern me because I’ve long accepted that if my camera is on then anything around or behind me will be visible, and anything incriminating or embarrassing should be dealt with beforehand :slight_smile: . If something unexpected comes into view, then me being able to see my full video is not going to help either because:

  1. I generally don’t look at myself during a call
  2. If the self view is the only way I can spot it, then it is too late anyway since others would have already seen it. :see_no_evil:

But that’s just me.

To ease your concern, might I suggest 3 options:

  1. Always use a virtual background. This can be very effective, unless the privacy concern involves another person in which case they may not get masked out.
  2. You can disable that option by setting disableTileEnlargement: true in config.js, or disable it just for yourself by appending #config.disableTileEnlargement=true to the URL.
  3. Use a separate app to monitor your video output e.g. Hand Mirror.

Thank you for the suggestions, very good.

Note that the preview of the video before entering doesn’t show the whole image, so there is no way to prepare …