Virtual World using Messaging APIs in jitsi

I had recently seen a post on the forum pertaining to using jitsi for creating a whiteboard app by using Jitsi’s messaging APIs. Would it be possible, in a similar fashion, to use the functions such sendMessage etc, to create a virtual world, where the states of one person are updated and sent as a message to every other participant, something like say habbo hotel or any other multiplayer game? or is there any other recommended approach to this?

Technically possible yeah.

I think that would be better handled outside of Jitsi though. In the same way as Calla did, you’d wander around the virtual world and join a meeting only when close to someone so you’d be able to communicate.

Thanks a lot for the Calla recommendation. I will look into it, are there any other projects as well which I can look into?

Not that i know of, which are open source and in that space.

I was just wondering, what would be the disadvantages of using only Jitsi’s messaging API instead of doing it like Calla. Would scalability be affected?

It would mean you are already in a meeting. IMHO that might not be the best idea.

Then let’s say if my world was pretty small then it shouldn’t really be a problem in that case right? Because then I would be fine with people entering directly into a meet. The number of people in the world wouldn’t really be that many ( maybe 20 on an average), and maybe I could just disable their audio if they are far away. Anyways thanks a lot, Cheers!

Correct, in that case it wouldn’t matter.