Virtual screen background

It would be nice if there was a feature in jitsi meet that would allow the host to change his/her actual background to a virtual background using a favorite photo.


It’s possible but it would be a lot of work to at that feature. Maybe they should start making plugins for jitsi for things like that ?? Just a thought.

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Check out the reply in this thread which suggests a solution (not as a feature of Jitsi Meet):

You may already know, but there is also a “blur my background” option that may help depending on your needs.

Hope this helps.

Wow! I’m not a sixth grader, I’m a senior citizen. Can you put that in language I can understand? Thanks

Yes… Sorry about that that, sir!

The answer is:

There is no such feature currently available in the Jitsi Meet product

My previous answer was geared toward more towards DIY, for discovering a way to achieve it since there’s not really an option for it today.

Maybe we will see it in a future release. Good luck!

I’d really like to see this feature implemented. It would be very useful for many instances, both as commercial user and a private individual.