Virtual co-working groups


This recent NYT article suggests people working from home could set up so-called virtual co-working groups where everyone logs into a VC session and mutes themselves.

The idea is that at fixed times of the day, you log onto Zoom, Skype or some other tool for online video conferencing. Other people log on too, and after a couple of minutes of structured chat — on which, more in a moment — everyone hits “mute” on their microphones and the session begins. Video on, sound off. As I write this, I’m in a Zoom Room with two others; I can see them in the corner of my screen. Both have expressions of absorbed focus. I suspect that I do too.

Maybe it’s silly, it certainly feels like a waste of bandwidth. So, I’m wondering if jitsi could add a low bandwidth mode – I know it already has some – where photos of participants are only captured every few seconds for instance.

What do you think? Useless?

You can already request a low resolution which would make it a 320 or 240p stream per participant, consuming around 200kbps.

Your idea is clever, but I don’t think it fits our use case very well.

Hello, I am trying to bring all kinds of users, professional included, to adopt free/open source solutions instead of Zoom (which does not even work in a GNU/Linux OS!) or other Skype solution. Just yesterday to attend a meeting with guys and gals from different countries in Europe I had to borrow my son’s school computer and hurry him to install the Zoom app inside!

So I think luis’s request is a good one. If Jitsy could take the path to compete with the closed sources where we don’t even know how our privacy is respected, and who even provide non functional versions for the Free systems, it would be very nice.

See Thunderbird : compete with Outlook. Libreoffice? Compete with several non free Office suites. I hope to see the same thing happen for visio communication.

Meanwhile, thanks for your great work!