Virtual Classroom App

I need a clarification

We decided to develop a online Virtual Classroom Mobile and Web App

The App flow :

  1. The Students will enroll to a class of a tutor
  2. The class time will be announced
  3. The Tutor will start a Live Stream at the time
  4. The students also join in the live stream as group call
  5. That is the Tutor will able to Video Chat with all students
  6. Same like physical class room
  7. They also chat in text and transfer files

Is this possible in to implement in Jitsi?

Jitsi will be able to provide the video conferencing part only. You will have to implement rest of the workflow yourself and just use Jitsi when it is the time to start the live class. Jitsi do have the iFrame API which can be integrated very easily in any of the workflows.
Follow the docs here : Jitsi Handbook