Virtual backgrounds using green screen

This is a feature I would really like to see. It’s the only thing that’s better on Zoom in my opinion. Otherwise Jitsi is just what I need.


Agree, +1.
The blur background feature is really a bad idea because the loading to the system is too high.

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Yes, virtual background is quite a useful feature. Just wondering if a green screen is absolutely necessary? Granted, the result with a green screen would be better but Zoom can also do it without.


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Yeah i think the Blur Background is the more useful feature. But at the moment i dont think many people are using it because of the performance.

I disabled feature completly. A missing feature is better than a bad user experience i think :slight_smile:


I’m going to echo the need for a decent chroma key option (AKA green screen). The blur background feature was so hard on everyone’s laptop that it was immediately abandoned as a bad idea.


For me, either virtual or blur background would do, the more important thing is reasonable/minimal CPU load and cross-platform support.


So, I’m going to ask what seems like an obvious question. How much money would we have to throw at this to make it happen, and how long would it take?

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I would also like to vote for the virtual background functionality. It gives people an added level of privacy by allowing them to hide the room they are in and the people walking by, and makes meetings look overall more professional. I believe this is important for those who work from home but cannot do so from a dedicated space. This should benefit both customers and Jitsi/8x8.

May I also ask what was so bad about the blurred background? Even embedded GPUs should be able to blur an image at a high framerate these days. More specifically, a separable blur should scale fairly well and produce reasonable results for this kind of application.

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Just saw this on Hacker News, interesting…


Hi, green screen allows you to take transmissions to the next level. In the background, you can include information, qrcodes, logo, links, photos, videos, infographics, or whatever else you think is necessary to present to the audience. Even better if it is compatible with bluetooth to switch screens during the presentation.


Virtual background - picture/videos is picking up really hot with zoom, but i think green screen could be a leap forward, even though Zoom also has it…

The issue with the current blur background functionnality is that is does not do any tracking.
On very frame, it launches the segmentation, which is quite good , but quite heavy.

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Multi-platform support + low overhead are very desirable parameters of any potential solutions.

But as @wtfl has pointed out, the 5-million question is who’s going to shoulder the bill of the work… Perhaps GSoC?



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Actually there already is a (indirect) way to use green (or blue) screen in jitis. You need OBS for it and a plugin called OBS VirtualCam.
All you gotta do is import your Webcams Streams in OBS, apply Chroma Key filter to fit your green (blue) screen, add your desired background and export the streams with OBS VirtualCam. In Jitisi settings you can now chose OBS-Camera as device and you’re ready to go. There’s tutorials on YouTube for it.

edit: This is Win, Mac and Linux only. No mobile version.

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the current blur background functionality is highly non-performing. I’m curious as to what about the implementation drags the process down.

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Here is a code sample and it’s open-source.

Checkout the full demo here :

Thank you so much Rek , I tried it and it works ,I’ve been looking for a solution for so long