Virtual Backgrounds (blur)

I need to set manualy a background on Jitsi api init. Anyone can help me?

There is no such feature.

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i know… im trying to study a way to use JitsiExternalApi and override some features using low level api… no sucess…
Using low level api only, i need to made all front, i only need to execute Track to set a background…

This does feel like a nice feature, even if it were not as robust as the IP zoom et-al are giving away (like using some form of mask), it would be wonderful to be able to not share, or blur some parts of your setup.

Google meet and teams has this; as does Zoom.

If you use OBS with virtualcam, you might be able to achieve something “good enough”; so it’s possible, but not turn-key, and each participant needs to coordinate this on their own.

You can either take a snap of your cam, blur it and set as an image scene background, then using something like blender select an area just outside of your face, feather select to get a blur and avoid harsh lines, then right click video source and add mask effect. Like I say it’s not as turn-key or simple as the others, but:

  • yay, no AI
  • yay it can work without any code changes