Virtual backgrounds, blur and a new look-and-feel now live on!


Stunning! Absolutely stunning!

Great job, team!


Hi @saghul
this is super cool news!!! :wink:

When do you think you will release it to stable?

Best regards

@saghul does it will come with update to stable versions?

Soon … most probably this week … we are still fixing some issues we found there and there and will push it to meet and stable.


Thank you.
Really looking forward for that update.

It’s great enhancement and very cool to see the background in Jitsi, I’m waiting the new release :grinning:
Thank you Jitsi Team :+1:

The new virtual background looks great but it seems to cause a heavy video lag spoiling latency. Is it just me???

Hmm…mm I think it’s just you… this hasn’t been my experience at all. :thinking:

is the new Jitsi is released ?

Good news. a great contribution to the platform.

I’m facing some strange issue when the virtual-background is set and pre-join screen is enabled in custom deployment.

I have started a new meeting and click on the Join-Meeting button appears on the pre-join screen to enter into the meeting. I have set the virtual-background. Now something went wrong with Internet connection and I’m out of the meeting( OR refreshed the page). Now When I try to rejoin the meeting then I can’t pass the Pre-join screen because I disabled the video button. In console I’m getting UnhandledError: Cannot read property 'getTracks' of null Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'getTracks' of null error.

The only way to re-join the meeting is to enable the video on Pre-join screen.

If I set virtual background to none then I’m not facing this issue

Thanks for the feedback but I have tried it now on two different PCs. Without virtual background if I clap my hands I see my hand meet almost immediately but with virtual background heavy delay - maybe 1/3 second. I notice that metadata has other issues with virtual background as well.

Not as stable yet.

We are fixing some shenanigans with backgrounds in the prejoin screen.


Really excited to have this feature!
Are there any commands to enable this via the API for custom buttons?

The background blur? Not at the moment.

Can I already have this update on my own server? If so, how could I update it to that new interface?

It’s now in stable. Update to the latest version and you should be good to go.

sudo apt upgrade

I just ran the command

> sudo apt upgrade

and I don’t see my interface update