[virtual background] Are there settings for outline sharpness? (ex: human hair outlines)

Hello, compared to zoom, in jitsi’s virtual background, human hair was often blurred.
Is there any way I can adjust the sharpness by modifying the source code of jitsi?

You can tinker with these values: jitsi-meet/JitsiStreamBackgroundEffect.js at e1ac000cd1f15642218e80ded98ee19188cf2b17 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

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I tried adjusting that value.

  • When the value is lowered, a stair effect occurred.
  • When the value is increased, a blurry phenomenon has occurred.
  1. this._outputCanvasCtx.filter = ‘blur(0px)’

  2. this._outputCanvasCtx.filter = ‘blur(100px)’

  3. this._outputCanvasCtx.filter = ‘blur(4px)’

We use a value of 4 when a background is selected, and 8 when the whole background needs to be blurred.

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