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I want to develop on jitsi but I have some questions about this project.

I want to broadcast my camera or the microphone that to spectators that is to say I broadcast my camera or the microphone on a page and on another page via a unique ID the participant can watch my live without allowing activate the camera or microphone.

Is it possible to do without having ICE problems with the confederacy policy of some exploiters systems such as IOS and Windows?

Otherwise, can we access a live without going through the webrtc with jitsi?

Thank you so much for your help.

I don’t understand what do you want to achieve? Jitsi-meet is a webrtc web application it uses webrtc.

What ICE problems do you mean?

You can try it on, open a conference, livestream your conference to youtube and send the youtube link to the spectators.

I worked on janus, but I realized it was very limited on stream sharing. That is to say that IOS must at least activate a media to access the stream, because of the policy of confidentiality, is it that jitsi better handles this type of case? Can we adapt it to our needs for a dating site?

I just want to activate a camera or microphone and view it without first allowing my microphone