Videostream stopps and goes to Connection Status inactive

No comments on it? :frowning:

may @damencho @saghul have an idea or have an advice …

I have the same issue!!! On all the calls!


still no comment until today. i fured out that is only related to webbrowser sessions. if youre using the app this problem dosnt apear

Still i think this is a major issue to be put into ignore mode… I wonder if anyone has a solution for this!

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I think this is the same as, would love some answers on this topic as this is a real “deal-breaker” for using jitsi.

We’d also like to have a solution for this as this is very confusing for the users. Our ChannelLastN ist set to -1

We have this all the time as well. Weird that nobody is addressing this.

Its like the developers are not around for now!

what the meaning of Connection inactive ? when this happened?

I’ve the same problem, but it seems to happen only in tile view. When I switch one stream to full, the others are stacked on the right, but the video stream remains active.
Here’s an obsfuscated example. The inactive streams also get some kind of sunglass symbol:

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I can concur with the previous speakers.
Some Videostreams flapping between state normal (functional Videostream) and state inactive since the latest update (Debian Buster Repository), which is a major impact for us.

Any hint on how to fix this?

We are experiencing the same issues for few months now but using lib-jitsi-meet and our own docker jitsi bridge. Video Participants are getting very frequently inactive. Sometimes bridge is able to retrieve stream and they are back as active but in many cases they keep as inactive and we have just lost their video. This was not happening so frequently before.

I wish someone would look into this!


I am facing the same issue . This confirms that most Jitsi users with their own installations face this bug. Some workaround would be really helpful.

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I really would like to see a workaround for this problem. When in a meeting with 7, some video-streams will blank because they do not say enough according to Jitsi. Jitsi should not be the judge of that. (Jitsi Meet stable: jitsi-meet 2.0.4627)

Hi. I’m also facing similar issue. Any updates on how to resolve?

any updates on this?

In our case, we had set channelLastN to 4. So it only showed 4 video streams and connection status inactive for the rest.

Same to me! It happens on filmstrip mode. Anyone knows how can we fix this? @damencho @Boris_Grozev.

I’m using the same version of!

Videobridge version: 2.1.245-g49823c49