Videostream interrupted

Hi, I am using videobridge in a docker environment and lib-jitsi-meet to connect into it.
In either P2P mode or bridge mode, we have been facing for last months frequent video steam interrupted. Sometimes video stream is retrieved automatically but most of the time it does not.

So I am wondering, is there a way to force the retrieval of a video stream being lost/interrupted
without having to reconnect into the room… ?
Any function that we could call to force such retrieval?

Thank you

Hello @Fabrice_Richard we are seeing the same thing. It does not recover most of the time and the only solution is the user refreshes their browser which is the same as reconnecting to the room. We have a very stable connection and our testers are randomly getting this issue and we currently have no solution. Were you able to figure out anything?

Hello @aljen
This bad behaviour kind of disappeared by upgrading my docker images of jitsi video bridge environment to a more recent version: “stable-4857”.
I was indeed running 2019 images and when upgrading to more recent ones this frequent lost of streams behaviour disappeared.