Videorecording without jibri (need help)

Hello community. I would like to ask for help from you. I want to add conference recording function. But at the same time, so that every user of the conference can use it (not only the admin or jibri). What do you think you can use to add the recording function for users. Is there anything that can be integrated (spliced) with Jitsi. Perhaps some kind of third-party plugin. I ask for help or hints in which direction to try to study. Thanks.

There’s no integrated plugin. You can use a screen recorder.

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You could use OBS as screenrecorder

I’ve tried but its tricky and doesn’t work flawless. Depends on user expertice and interaction.

With jibri is far easier control permissions and even autorecord a meet

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There’s also this project, but I have never tried it and cannot confirm or deny if it works:

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Many thanks. I will study the material in more detail.

In general, the problem is that with jibri, users cannot record an appointment. Only jibri himself can record the meeting. I need to integrate some plugin into jitsi. Which will allow users to record a meeting (without installing additional software for the user). In short, it turns out I’m trying to come up with a new jibri (it’s pretty funny)

P.S. @shawn @Freddie @Edgar_Osorio @kkd Thank you guys for helping. I am very grateful)))

Jibri has http api that also can be used to trigger a recording, if your system can do that for the user, you can use that.


Thanks. I will try to build something :+1: