videoConferenceLeft event not triggered when "End Meeting for All"

When “End Meeting for All” button is clicked, videoConferenceLeft event is not triggered for any participant (including the person triggering the action). Only readyToClose event is triggered.

Is this by design?

I’m not sure I understand the difference between the videoConferenceLeft and readyToClose.

For instance, on right now, on hangup I see two (!) videoConferenceLeft events and no readyToClose event. The readyToClose event is only triggered when the X is clicked on the promo screen. I thought that made sense but now I cannot reconcile my understanding with what’s happening with “End Meeting for All”.

With the introduction of breakout rooms, one can join and leave rooms multiple times. The reliable way of knowing when to hide the iframe is readyToClose.

Thanks. That makes sense.

This was more to satisfy my curiosity than a blocker to anything. I thought I knew what videoConferenceLeft meant but apparently I don’t.

I’m not looking to hide the iFrame but rather to redirect users a custom close page once the conference is ended by a moderator. readyToClose will do.

Are there plans to change how the app behaves when conference is ended? Right now it doesn’t quite match what happens with Hangup.

From the perspective of the user who ends the conference or the one who receives the conference ended?


They currently see a “Call Terminated” notification and the rest of the UI look like they’re alone in the room. Almost all other ui elements still work as usual, which could be very confusing to users.

Right. Yes, this is currently “expected”. We plan to make it a dialog, and when the user clicks ok, then readytoclose would be fired.

hi , where is this "end meeting for all " button located

It was introduced in this PR and not yet available in stable release.

If you want to try it out, you can install an unstable release – anything from version 7714 should have this feature.