videoConferenceLeft event fires while joining a password-protected conference with the API

I had a problem joining any password-protected event with the API. The session would fail for no obvious reason.

It looks like the API joins the password-protected conference, sees that a password is needed, and leaves it again. It then asks the user for the password and - in my case a response to the ‘password’ event - and then rejoins.

The reason I was seeing an apparent session failure was that I set up a handler for the videoConferenceLeft event which did some cleaning up and called the .dispose() method. As a result, I saw the meeting flash up and then disappear.

I raised the issue in Github, but was wondering if anyone had a good way around this? My current solution is to wait 15 seconds after videoConferenceJoined to set the handler for videoConferenceLeft. In the meantime, I set the password via the ‘password’ event so the next time videoConferenceLeft fires it means they have truly left.

Does anyone have a better solution (I already considered ignoring the first videoConferenceLeft event - and I might still do that - but my code would stop working if the issue ever gets fixed).


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