Videobridge problems?

i’m trying to use jitsi with only 3 users.
in p2p I can do a video call.
with 3 users, so using the videobridge, I don’t see the videos.
I’m using
do you know if there are problems with your videobridge?
Thank you

No, we are not aware of a problem. All our bridges seem healthy.
Can you give more details about the browsers you use and versions? Some other relevant details for the problem?
One idea, try all 3 participants to use just audio, does it work that way?

I can see 3 icons, no audios and no videos.
I’m using one mac with chrome and two windows pc with chrome.
last version of chrome, v73.
thanks for your help

do u have a firewall?? it seems to me firewall problem…check the console.log…after a while it should say “ice failed” or something like that

@Angelo_Mantellini you are using your own deployment or
Attaching console logs will help diagnose the problem.