Videobridge configuration / performance


first of all: I love jitsi. It is a great tool and it works on my own server perfectly. However, I have some questions regarding configuration and performance. I read a lot of topics here, however I did not find an answer that works for me…

Estimated concurrent participants per room: 20-30, 20 rooms at the same time.

Started with a basic jitsi-meet quick installation on a V-Server, 1 Gbps, 6 Xeon Cores, 32 GB RAM. It crashed, then I added a dedicated root server with 12 Xeon Cores, 128 GB RAM and 10 Gbps. Configured the second server by jitsi-meet quick install, removed the installation on the first one and installed only the videobridge on the first one and added to jitsi-meet using the tutorial.

My problem:
One videobridge becomes all conferences and the other is empty until the bridge crashed. Then all conferences are handled by the other bridge.

I can add any log or configuration, if needed.

Thanks for your time and help!

If one of the bridges stay empty it seems to me there were no stats published by bridges so jicofo can load balance.
I would say to try jvb2 and configure it using mucs. That will come with the stats auto-neabled …
We will soon switch to jvb2 by default and push it to stable, we just cannot find time doing this, these days.

Thanks for answering! :slight_smile: I configured in the meantime muc and it seams to work right now. I will see it tomorrow… Also added another dedicated server for performance.

Is the jvb2 available via the apt?

Edit: found it:
apt-get remove jitsi-meet
apt-get install jitsi-videobridge2

It is possible to use an old videobridge and a new jvb2.0 on the same jicofo?

It may be, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

we currently struggling with the performance. Could someone tell what is the best server for Jitsi? Ideal specs and need the Videobridge more memory or more cpu or more bandwidth. My first results shows, that our bridge never uses much memory (less than 3GB), however 128GB are available.

That is because of the defaut Java configuration - VIDEOBRIDGE_MAX_MEMORY=3072m