Videobridge cluster

I found this guide to setup jvb cluster.

I want to confirm if this means that the same conference can be distributed on different JVBs?

AS I KNOW, if I setup multi deployment and place a load-balancer before these deployments, the same conference can only be limited to one deployment.

the question is : the balancing level is conference or participant? this describes balances participants based on region.

@damencho So, I have read the link you provided, the guide seems only cover the topic “how jvbs communicated”, I dont know how new jvbs can be found by singaling server

Jvbs and jicofo join common muc this is one way. Or the default installation uses component, you can register as many jvb components as you like, and put them all to report to a pubsub channel their load so jicofo can balance between them.