Videobridge black box health check

Hi All!
We have a Jitsi installation with videobridges behind a NAT. There are different pieces involved in this configuration so we’d like to have a black box test to check the communication from outside of the NAT to the videobridge is correct using UDP port 10000.

Do you know how to perform the check? We are already checking 10000 is opened in the public IP but it isn’t enough because this doesn’t ensure the correct communication to videobridge.



You can check the UDP/10000 access using nc (netcat).

Stop the videobridge service, start to listen UDP/10000 with nc and send a message to UDP/10000 from the outside.

Thanks for the quick answer @emrah,

We checked with nc and everything is ok but we’d like to have an automatic recurrent check and associated alert if something goes wrong while videobridge is working.

Thanks again @emrah!

Although useful, the health endpoint is for the healthe status of the videobridge itself and not for the external connectivity of the UDP port (what involves another elements, as firewalls, routers, …)