Video URL check while Sharing a Video in a meeting room

With the rollout of the new UI for Jitsi Meet, participants have the option to share a video URL into the meeting room (not just from Youtube). However, when I tried sharing a video from Vimeo or other video sharing websites, the video player didn’t work. Is this something that the Jitsi Meet community has been working on like a work-in-progress? Also, previously, while sharing a YouTube video, the application would perform a regex check to see if the shared URL was a valid YouTube URL, is there a similar check for shared video URL in the new UI?


I think this doesn’t work with the sharing link. You need to use the direct link to the media file (for example the link of the MP4 file)

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Thank you for the update you’ve provided. However, I uploaded an MP4 file onto a file server which is publicly accessible in the form such as: 141.XXX.XXX.XXX:PORT/videofile.mp4 (which plays the video when accessed via a browser). But when I shared the URL in Jitsi Meet, the video doesn’t play.

What is the scheme?
http, https,…?

i think i had it hosted as http

Does the following link work for you?

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wow, this one works. so i suppose it has be with https?

Maybe the browser prevents to access to an http link from an https site because of the security rules

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I tried sharing a video using http and https in a meeting in The video played well on users in the meeting using browsers to connect, but an error was generated on iOS and Android devices with the Jitsi App currently in the App stores… any suggestions how to get the Share Video via http /https links to the video file to work on Mobile devices?