Video turning off or freezing during streaming ..please help!

Main issues

How can this be managed please? Is it default mistake of jitsy? not?

Thank you,Radana

Did you change/customize the channelLastN value in your /etc/jitsi/meet/YOUR-HOST--config.js

Looks like this is on

Yes was happening also there, is it smth that can be fixed?

Are you saying you have your own deployment and you experienced this problem both on your deployment and on the public instance at

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Yes we have our own deployment on digital ocean, and we always test our deployment vs. official jitsi…

What are your server specs? Bandwidth?

8 GB Memory / 50 GB Disk + 100 GB / AMS3 - Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64

What’s your bandwidth though? The bandwidth is more important for the problem you’re reporting. Although, if you’re having the same issues on, then this could be a totally different problem.

I wrote to my developer to send me the bandwhich…what other problems it can be? is it solvable?

The bandwhich is 2Gbps …is it not good?

is it one of these offers ? if yes, can you give what it is exactly ?

Is it any connected? only arounf 15 people were online, when this was occuring, I am checking it with my CTO- the plan:)

Now we have the “ Shared CPU - 4vCPUs 8 GB RAM”- the issue happens here

We plan to use bridge in the following setting, this is not yet implemented:
JMS General Purpose 4vCPUs 16GB RAM
JVB CPU-Optimized 4vCPUs 8GB RAM

Shared Cpu is not very good. I’d prefer 2 full Cpu over 4 shared ones. There is the ‘noisy neighbour’ problem. For a real time system, it may be an issue.
Edit: while I’m at it, there is also the possible problem of bad bandwidth (typically wifi) client side.

Amazing thank you for the confirmation!! we are going to try the following:
JMS General Purpose 4vCPUs 16GB RAM
JVB CPU-Optimized 4vCPUs 8GB RAM

One more question, so this behaviour we experienced, also in case client has not stabil wifi, can be oslved by having our own dedicated servers right?

Thank you:)Radana

No, the client’s wifi stability will always affect their video-conferencing experience. If a client has bandwidth that’s obviously struggling, you can tell them to lower their video quality (using the “Manage video quality” setting), that way, the lower bandwidth requirement will help to smoothen their meeting experience.

Got you Freddie,…we aim to serve 1000 customers- using jitsi in our system, we are marketplace so it will be 1 user professionals to 100 customer for example, and in same moment 10 or more user professionals can be having streaming,too. So I guess the combination :
JMS General Purpose 4vCPUs 16GB RAM
JVB CPU-Optimized 4vCPUs 8GB RAM

…should be a good start for offering stable and quality experience right? Or is there smth else you would suggest to what out on?

You’ll need roughly around 10 JVBs to host 1000 concurrent users, if those users are going to be joining the meeting on Jitsi. However, if by “streaming”, you mean livestreaming to the customers, then one JVB will do. You will of course need 10 Jibri instances to stream.

I mean…in one room we can have up to 100-150 people and all together in all rooms 1000 people, as we serve teacher professionals who have their own weibnars - so by streaming, probably wrong wording, webianr is better - where customers can also turn on the camera… .so I guest this is the 10 JVBs case… and what about kubernetas? do you have some experience with it please for these cases?