Video track tiles renders black after rejoining/join audio/leave audio

Hello, I’m a newbie to the jitsi community. I have a clone of the jitsi-meet repo and custom UI for the application. When the app joins the conference for the first time, video tracks renders perfectly. After taking any action (i.e join audio or leave audio) video tracks blackouts (black tiles). I did check the participant data, Seems fine.

DO you have any logs?

Unfortunately no. If you can give little info on how do I start tracing this issue. I can do that. I did check in redux so far about participant data. Please tell me which logs you want me to post, I’ll do that.

The browser JS console logs are a good start.

Here is the log console.log - Google Drive

Are you using the Chrome debugger in your RN app?

Yes, enabled debug from developer menu in react native app. the redux-devtool isn’t seem working.

You can’t use Chrome debugging, it will break with synchronous RN native methods, which are used by react-native-webrtc.

Okay, in that case i can disconnect the debug mode and share the log directly taken from runner console. FYI i have react-native-webrtc v1.94.2

Here is the logs

You have lots of JavaScript errors which will cause parts of the app to just not work. For example:

E/JitsiMeetSDK: [features/base/redux] Error(TypeError){"message":"undefined is not an object (evaluating '_state$featuresVideo2.maxReceiverVideoQuality')","stack":"http://localhost:8081

Hmm, That’s actually coming up from video-quality module in react/features. I have pretty much a year old clone of jitsi-meet with latest lib-jitsi-meet library
Here is the log after fixing that issue. I supplied 720 in maxReceiverVideoQuality if it is undefined. It doesn’t solve the issue though. Furthermore, I’m unable to upload file or paste drive link, looks like it’s against the community rules.

log-resolved.txt (103.5 KB)
@saghul here is the log after applying a few updates. Hope this will help.

Sorry, I just don’t have the time to dig in a year old custom code base. Too much has happened since.