Video track low resolution

Hi Jitsi community,

I’m working on a task which has to customize the video track of jitsi. I have used the VideoTrack component only without FilmStrip or Thumbnail/ThumbnailWrapper outside of the VideoTrack component
Turns out, I got a very low resolution camera track when I display it on the client and it can’t become sharp as it has to be

Is there any functions of the video wrapper can affect this?
Thanks in advance!!

Are you using lib-jitsi-meet? If so, did you request the endpoints send you 720p video?

Yes, I use all jitsi repositories. How can I request the endpoints to send 720p resolution?
Btw, thanks for the quick response.

Check here for setReceiverConstraints: lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) | Jitsi Meet