Video track from android adding as audio

Hello, guys, my team is working on custom UI around lib-jitsi-meet, and we are using sdk for creating our own app based on jitsi. But we faced an issue, that, when user from Android joined with setAudioMuted then on web it comes with mediaType: ‘audio’, videoType: ‘camera’.

Here is my trackAdded handler:

export function trackAdded(track: any) {
  return (dispatch: Dispatch, getState: () => RootState) => {
    track.on(, () => dispatch(trackMutedChanged(track)));
    track.on(, (type: VideoType) =>
      dispatch(trackVideoTypeChanged(track, type)),

    const local = track.isLocal();
    const mediaType = track.getType();
    let participantId;

    if (local) {
      const participant = getLocalParticipant(getState);

      if (participant) {
        participantId =;
    } else {
      participantId = track.getParticipantId();

    return dispatch({
      type: TRACK_ADDED,
      track: {
        jitsiTrack: track,
        muted: track.isMuted(),
        videoStarted: false,
        videoType: track.videoType,
    } as TrackAdded);

and here is an reducer:

      let withoutTrackStub = state;

      if (action.track.local) {
        withoutTrackStub.tracks = state.tracks.filter((t) => !t.local || t.mediaType !== action.track.mediaType);

      return {
        tracks: [...withoutTrackStub.tracks, action.track],

And the problem is, that at the begin in console I see that getType returns ‘video’ but then looks like there is a value by link, and it changes to ‘audio’ for some reason.

@damencho @jallamsetty any help on this, pls ?

The problem is, that:
const mediaType = track.getType()
returns ‘video’ in console, but then after dispatch in reducer comes ‘audio’

It can be closed